To find words to describe Sarah and what she has helped me to achieve I am finding impossible. 5 years after a nasty horse injury, being told by one professional after another, doctors, physios and such like that I would never ride again and would need a knee replacement to even be able to bend my leg I was still determined to prove to myself that I would be able to ride my horse again. I knuckled down and bought all sorts of exercise books and tried everything. Then I came across The Body Mechanic on Facebook and followed all the intriguing posts for about a year before making the my first three hour drive to North Wales. What an experience meeting Sarah was, I spent hours with her on my first visit. We discussed so much and assessed everything, no one had listened to me and told me in no uncertain terms that there was no reason I could not do everything I wanted. I left Sarah that evening feeling so excited and all I had to do was a few simple exercises. This was just the beginning……..

Now I am back riding and starting to jump my horses. I’ve gone from very little bend in my left knee and very little strength in my left leg to being able to forget there was ever an issue, but now I want more and more so I go back to Sarah. Sarah is massive ray of light when all you face is closed doors and pain, gosh I forgot about the constant pain, when did that go !!