# Erik Odeblad - The majority of what we know about cervical mucus comes from the work of Dr. Erik Odeblad, a medical biophysicist. ### [[the cervix is a precision organ as complex as the eye]] > The same year the Billings Ovulation Method began, and Wilfred Shaw died, a 31-year-old Erik Odeblad was a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow spending a year in the USA. A physician, he studied new imaging and identification techniques for the analysis of the elements in biological samples. > After more training in obstetrics and gynaecology, and a PhD in physics in 1966, he was involved in the new University of Umeå where he was Professor of Medical Biophysics for 22 years, and has researched steadily all through his ‘retirement’. > He has had a wide range of other involvements in academic life and health promotion, and received many forms of recognition for his work. He has lectured in over 18 countries, and been published over 450 times. Perhaps his best-loved quote is that “The cervix is a precision organ as complex as the eye”. ^utxfa %%[View Highlight](https://read.readwise.io/read/01gprwx2xyvgxwfcesxyb7mt0y)%%