# The Psychology of Sunk Cost Arkes, H.R. & Blumer, C. (1985) ’The psychology of sunk cost’. Organizational behavior and human decision processes, 35, 1, 124-140. Available at: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0749597885900494 > The sunk cost effect is manifested in a greater tendency to continue an endeavor once an investment in money, effort, or time has been made. %% ([View Highlight](https://read.readwise.io/read/01gm8n4mj2gy7qp05a7mg45qx5)) ### [[the more we pay the more committed we are to something]] > In a field study, customers who had initially paid more for a season subscription to a theater series attended more plays during the next 6 months, presumably because of their higher sunk cost in the season tickets. Several questionnaire studies corroborated and extended this finding. ^dlkff ([View Highlight](https://read.readwise.io/read/01gm8n6d3g8mq2d9sddaqa3pdd))