# Subscribe >[!example]- [Click here to subscribe](https://buttondown.email/keatesandrews?tag=main) So much of what I learn when researching for an article won't necessarily make it into the said post. But I find it difficult to throw away — especially since it might be helpful or interesting to someone else – which is precisely why my blog and newsletter are perfect. My blog is where I write about what I have discovered down the rabbit holes I so often find myself in. It's where I think out loud, sharing my thoughts and musings as I go. In a nutshell, my blog is my 'behind-the-scenes'. And it's these blog posts that I send out via the newsletter. (I send monthly roundups too). My goal is to provide information that interests and surprises. Information that is obscure. Not only in the enigmatic sense but for the fact that it focuses on the female body and women's wellness. After all, as Rachel Gross points out, > "There are parts of your own [female] body less known than the bottom of the ocean, or the surface of Mars."" My main interests — and thus the (usual) focus of these deep dives — tend to question how health and wellness differ for females. That said, writing has always been my passion. So if I'm honest, posts could be about absolutely *anything* that piques my interest. If you ever have any questions, please reach out and [[Contact|let me know.]] >[!example]- [Click here to subscribe](https://buttondown.email/keatesandrews?tag=main)