# Instagram Links [[The Red Tent Project]] → Claim your cycle. [[Owning the Busy]] → How to manage stress like an ER Doctor. [[The History of Anxiety & Hysterical Paroxysm]] → How hysteria led to the invention of the vibrator. [[Notes to Myself - Lessons Learned & Shared Advice]] → Do not confuse capacity with capability. Fail quicker. Turn the spotlight. [[Completing the Cycle]] → To deal with your stress, you have to complete the cycle [[Why Perimenopause Is the Perfect Time to Make Strength Training a Priority]] → How we can maximise oestrogen for better health & fitness. [[The Impact of Immunomodulation during the Luteal Phase]] → How the immune system changes during the luteal phase. --- ## More links - [[Home]] - where our story begins! - [[Contact]] - get in touch - [[Articles]] - master list of all articles - [[Published/Blog/Blog]] - blog/ newsletter posts - [[About]] - bio - [[Subscribe]] - receive blogs in your inbox