# Seasonal Sleep Patterns: Exploring the Need for More Sleep During the 'Colder' Seasons >[!example] 21 Feb 2023 #blog > %% [[humans may need more sleep in the colder months]] %% According to [new research](https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2023/feb/17/humans-may-need-more-sleep-in-winter-study-finds), despite the fact that humans do not hibernate during the colder months, that's not to say we don't need more sleep. Personally, this is something that I have come to realise intuitively and I know other women who are in tune with their bodies have identified this in themselves too. It also got me thinking about the 'Inner seasons' of our menstrual cycle and how during the late luteal phase (Inner Autumn) and menstrual phase (Inner Winter), we may need more sleep here too (when compared to our follicular and ovulatory phases). Which would make sense seeing as these are the times when women report feeling more fatigue. Again for me personally, I know I do just fine on 8 hours sleep during my own follicular and ovulation phase. But I will curse anyone who wakes me if I have not hit at least 9 hours during my luteal and menstrual phase.