# Remembering to Pause: A Summer Reminder >[!example] 18 July 2022 #blog The last 6 months I’ve been in Superwoman mode. And I’ve been freaking nailin’ it. But I’m starting to flag a little. I’ve said yes too many times and I’ve taken on way more load than I have the capacity to cope with. So now it’s time for me to slow down. To recharge. To offload some of those commitments (or at least put them on the back-burner for now). It’s time for me to ‘be’ instead of ‘do’. This is something I am *constantly* preaching to my clients. It’s also something that I many of us realised we needed to do more of _after_lockdown. But it’s easy to forget how we said we were going to do things differently when things resumed to ’normal’. How we were going to slow down. Focus on less. On simplicity. On being present. Thankfully my boys break up for summer this week so that’s my reminder to do what I said I would do. This is my time spend with my favourite people. To potter around the garden. To listen to the birds. To smell the coffee. To breath. To pause. To pause. To pause. And so, I share this reminder with YOU. Because remember when we said we were going to do things differently after lockdown? I give you permission to pause too. And on that note, I hope you have the most amazing Summer. See you in September. Sarah