# May Roundup >[!example] 02 June 2023 #blog In case you missed something… ### [[Completing the Cycle]] Completing the cycle is a phrase that I have come to love. A term that helps me to understand exactly what I need to do when emotions are high and stress is taking over my body. It's also something I use for my boys. When I see them anxious or afraid, when I see them in fight or flight mode, I make sure to help them complete their cycle. Whether it's a cry or a kick about on the field. We all need to learn how to complete the cycle. ### [[Why Perimenopause Is the Perfect Time to Make Strength Training a Priority]] There are no two ways about it. Perimenopause can suck. And yet, I have found another positive from the early stages. We can build more muscle thanks to the higher oestrogen levels. Could there be a better reason to make strength training a priority right now? ### [[Published/Blog/How Much Discomfort is Ok?]] This is an old post I had written from my Body Mechanic days. Or rather, it's an advice sheet I gave my clients when they needed to know how to exercise with pain. ### [[The Nuances and Complexity of Pain]] Pain is complex. But knowing the definition can give us a starting point. As well as a few other things to think about. ### [[Published/Blog/How Our Reproductive Potential is Determined Before Birth]] Anatomy always fascinates me. This is one reason why. ### [[The Limitations of MRI and Ultrasound in Diagnosing Pain]] Another post from The Body Mechanic archives. And yet one that still rings true. Pain does not always correlate with damage (or abnormalities). ### [[Why Is There Always a Queue for the Women's Toilet?]] Toilet queues are only a tiny drop in the ocean of the inequalities that still exist. Yet, I find it rather interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I wrote a blog post about it.