# March Roundup >[!example] 04 April 2023 #blog Each month I will be sharing a round-up of what I have been working on, what I've published (in case you've missed anything) and any extra bits and pieces that you may be interested in. --- ### [[Exposing Publication Bias]] Publication bias - where unflattering data is left unpublished or missing. Where positive findings are more likely to be published, while negative findings are often hidden. A bias that needs to be acknowledged and addressed. This is something that was a real eye-opener. As someone who relies on data, to know this bias even exists makes me even more sceptical. ### [[Sex Reassignment Gives Interesting Insights Into Hormones & Pain]] Hormones play a crucial role in shaping our body and mind, and their influence on pain is no exception. I found this study by Aloisi et al in 2007 really interesting and gave me further literature to add to my posts on pain and hormones (which I will add to the site later in the year). ### [[The Gender Data Gap in Exercise and Fitness Research]] Research in fitness and exercise is primarily done on men and then applied to women, leading to inaccurate representations of women's physiology and health. While progress has been made towards more mixed-sex studies, exercise, cardiovascular, and muscle physiology research remains male-dominant. And it sucks! But knowing about this is the first step to changes being made. ### [[Menstrual Cycle Tracking Is Not Just for the Pros]] Menstrual cycle tracking can be a valuable tool in optimising performance, and is something that should be included alongside topics such as nutrition, training, and recovery. As I have said previously, I am writing articles on exercise and the menstrual cycle (which is taking way longer than planned). But I want every women to know that menstrual cycle tracking is not just for the pros and can help with our exercise and fitness. ### [[Owning the Busy]] At a time when I as struggling with the 'crazy busy' in my life, this couldn't have come at a better time. Now I relentlessly triage and get out of my own head as much as possible. ### [[Breaking the Kiss of Death]] This TedTalk emphasised that women should not have to choose between parenting and doing the work they love, and that it's time to create a new normal where "having it all" does not mean "doing it all." Something I (and most women I know) need reminding of. ### [[The Flaws in Female-Based Research]] As I was researching literature for my exercise and the menstrual cycle article I realised that I needed to share this first. Because research on women is, in a nutshell, shit! Hence I needed to explain the flaws in the research conducted, which can lead to inconsistent and invalid findings. And yet despite its limitations, this research can provides valuable insights. We just need to know these flaws and biases exist. ### [[Living in Alignment]] This is an old post I have updated and added to the site. A post about our menstrual cycle Inner Seasons and how each season holds strengths, vulnerabilities and needs. Less scientific than others that I usually write, I love how the Inner Seasons can help us simplify the phases of our menstrual cycle. It's also a simple way to explain the phases to those around us. Honestly, it's been one of the most important things that I have ever explained to my husband. ## What's Next? As I mentioned above, I am continuing to work on Articles about training around the menstrual cycle. But before that I have realised that I need to update my post on the phases of the menstrual cycle from a scientific point of view. Only once we understand the phases in depth can we use this awareness to improve our strength, fitness and performance. As for blogs, it all depends on what appears in my newsfeed, what I read or the conversations I have along the way. But if you have anything interesting you've come across lately and fancy sharing it with me, [[Contact|I'd love to chat]].