# January Roundup >[!example] 02 Feb 2023 #blog Each month I will be sharing a round-up of what I have been working on, what I've published (in case you've missed anything) and any extra bits and pieces that you may be interested in. ## Previous Newsletters I think of the Newsletter as a way that I can sit down with a friend and chat about something that I have recently come across and found interesting. Unlike articles that simmer in the background whilst I find more research, newsletters are often written as things crop up and then linked to previous ideas or concepts I have come across. They also force me to be [[Embracing Consistency|consistent (my word of the year)]] as well as allow me to play around with different topics and ways of writing. That said, female health makes for grim reading and I am often horrified and angry at the fact that we are still 'invisible' as women. But I also know that if I am going to continue to research, write and share about what I find I need to change how I see things. Thus I do my best stay curious about what I discover (and often amused in a 'WTAF?' kinda way). I am also grateful to be living at a time when things *are* changing for women (albeit slowly) and the understanding of our health and bodies. I want so desperately for my writing to reflect this gratitude, this curiousness and amusement much more than the rage. Don't get me wrong, the rage is still there but I want it to be my fuel for good, to motivate and empower change. To help women understand their body, mind, mood & hormones (as well as the way society impacts this). **This months newsletters included:** [[The History of Anxiety & Hysterical Paroxysm]] - a WTAF if ever there was one! I found the history around this really interesting which led me to research even more. I definitely think this needs to become a full length article. [[More Than Just Hot Sweats]] - ok so maybe this was a little dark! I spiralled between anger and sadness after I came across this. But again I think it's worth knowing how perimenopause affects us in other ways. It sucks. Truly. Which is why it's ok to ask for help! [[Breaking the Taboo]] - this was written after a conversation with a friend who spoke about the shame around her own body. The purpose of this was to encourage women to get to know theirs in order to reduce the shame. I have also added a female anatomy article to the list of things to write. [[Nothing Left in the Tank]] - I actually thought it was really interesting when a prime minister says she has nothing left. This just combined everything I have spoken about with numerous women regarding spinning plates and feeling like like a failure when we drop a few. We are human! ## Articles I have hundreds of articles that I have previously published on facebook. But since I am [[I Made the Best Mistake|no longer on facebook]] I wanted a place to save them all, hence my website. And seeing as I have way more time (now that I'm not constantly scrolling through stuff I really don't need to see) I have been busy rewriting, adding sources and generally making my articles longer and (I hope) better. Although I have a number of different areas that I write about my intention was to focus this first quarter of the year on posts relating to the menstrual cycle. Hence this month I have published: [[The Beginners Guide to Menstrual Cycle Tracking]] - where menstrual cycle awareness all starts. [[Free Menstrual Cycle Tracking Templates & Guide]] - following on from above. [[Why Ovulation Is the Key to Optimal Health]] (not your period) - this helps us to understand why as women we really should be tracking out basal body temperature and cervical mucus especially as we enter perimenopause. [[Tracking Your Basal Body Temperature]] - the first part of advanced tracking. [[Podcast Interview]] - I have also included a previous podcast interview of mine by Sarah Merrett from It’s a Crazy Life on how our menstrual cycle affects our mental health. ## What's next This month I am continuing to work on menstrual cycle articles including [[Observing Your Cervical Mucus|cervical mucus]], the cervix (both for advanced tracking) and then it's on to sex and relationships, and training around the menstrual cycle (subject to change obviously!) As for newsletters, it all depends on what appears in my newsfeed, what I read or the conversations I have along the way. But if you have anything interesting you've come across lately and fancy sharing it with me, [[Contact|I'd love to chat]].