# February Roundup >[!example] 02 March 2023 #blog Each month I will be sharing a round-up of what I have been working on, what I've published (in case you've missed anything) and any extra bits and pieces that you may be interested in. ## Blogs I think of my Blog as a way that I can sit down with a friend and chat about something that I have recently come across and found interesting. Unlike articles that simmer in the background whilst I find more research, Blogs are often written as things crop up and then linked to previous ideas or concepts I have come across. **This months Blogs included:** [[Building a Nonhuman Human]] - microblog on what gerbil ears, goat lungs, and a pig's heart all have in common. [[From Psoriasis to Alcohol Use Disorder]] - microblog on the drug side effects that lead to unexpected uses (including viagra!). [[Seasonal Sleep Patterns]] - microblog on exploring the need for more sleep during the 'colder' seasons as well as our own 'inner seasons'. [[Showing Up]] - How I am staying consistent during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. [[Understanding Arousal Nonconcordance]] - Exploring the relationship between genital response, desire and pleasure. A must read! ## Articles I have continued to write posts relating to the menstrual cycle and have finally finished with, what I believe, is all the information regarding getting started with menstrual cycle awareness and tracking. Thus this month I include: [[Observing Your Cervical Mucus]] - An advanced tracking technique where we can understanding cervical mucus & its role in ovulation. [[Monitoring Your Cervix]] - Understanding the anatomy and functions of the cervix and it's role throughout the menstrual cycle. ## What's next As I mentioned above, I am continuing to work on training around the menstrual cycle. This is something I have written about before but with more research coming out as well as my own awareness of publication bias and the gender data gap it's proving to be much more difficult to get accurate information. As for Blogs, it all depends on what appears in my newsfeed, what I read or the conversations I have along the way. But if you have anything interesting you've come across lately and fancy sharing it with me, [[Contact|I'd love to chat]].