# Embracing Imperfection: Sharing My Creative Process and Learning in Public - Again! >[!example] 05 Sept 2023 #blog At the start of this year, I began working on my inner critic, that imposter syndrome, the voice that says I'm not good enough. I had let my perfectionism get in the way for far too long, causing me to stress over sharing anything that was less-than-perfect. And as a result, I decided to change how I perceived my website and social media. I began to appreciate that everything is a work-in-progress. And honestly, I was so done with the pressure to get everything right immediately and to create a post that supports my ‘brand’ (whatever the hell that’s meant to be). Hence, I wanted to give myself permission to plant my incomplete thoughts and disorganised notes...in public. As a result, I wrote a couple of posts on doing exactly this.[^1] But I took these posts down a few months later. Thanks to my ego and comparison, I had slipped back into my old ways of needing everything to be perfect. Yesterday, after a conversation with a very old friend of mine - not old in age btw - she's only 40 - but we've known each other since we were about 4 years old - I realised just what had happened. So here I am, reposting these previous posts and reminding myself that I can do things *my* way. That I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to be the good girl. I don't always have to do more, have more, be more. (Maybe this is another [[Notes to Myself - Lessons Learned & Shared Advice|note to myself]].) And so I have added back [[Sharing My Creative Process]] and [[Learning in Public]] posts in the hope that it helps someone else realise that we get to do things *our* way. And what we do, and who we are, right now - this is enough. [^1]: See: [[Sharing My Creative Process]] & [[Learning in Public]]