# Embracing Consistency: My 2023 Word Of The Year >[!example] 30 Dec 2022 #blog Words have the power to change us. ‘Finish’. My word of the year for 2022 guided me in pushing many things over the metaphorical 'finish line.' Books. Projects. Goals. It also gifted me the clarity to [[Learning How to Let Go|let go]] of things that no longer served me (as in 'to finish *with*'). I let go of my identity, [[I Made the Best Mistake|social media]], business. And so as I sit in this 'in-between' part of the year, I have been trying to decide on my word of the year for 2023. After all, the word I use will guide me, give me direction, a focus. It will become my anchor. Not just any word will do. It has to fit with who I am right now and set my intention for the coming year. The words I have been mulling over are: - Show-up (yes I know it’s not a single word but I decided it could work)  - Discipline - Progress  - Consistency These all fit with this next chapter of my life. Yet I know only one of them has the power to lead me in the way that my previous words have. ## Show-up This to me means a few things. Show up by sitting down daily to write. Showing up with my piano practice. Showing up to train no matter how I feel. It means showing up and being present with those around me. As well as showing up for myself. The good thing about this is that no ‘goals’ or targets are attached. It’s a case of showing up and trusting that good comes from this practice. After all, Woody Allen did say that "Eighty per cent of success is showing up." ~~But it doesn't sit right because I know it’s not enough just to show up right now. I need to *do* something.~~ Note to self: Sometimes it *is* enough to just [[Showing Up|show up]]. Hence I'm ruling out 'Show-up'. ## Discipline  Maybe the word I need is discipline? The word reeks of achievement right? To have discipline means I will reach my goals. And yet the word scares the life out of me. Words that are synonymous with discipline include control, self-restraint, and obedience. No wonder it scares me. This is not a word that motivates me in the slightest. Except to run away, that is! I'm ruling this one out too. ## Progress What about the word progress? The act of moving forward (as toward a goal). Doing a little more each day. The incremental actions that build over time. Gradual improvement. Growth (that was another word that I kept playing with). And yet, the word doesn't quite fit. I need a word that is going to *motivate* me. A word that reminds me to 'do' something. I can cross this one out too. ## Consistency My intentions and goals for 2023 need consistency. Small behaviours that I can repeat again and again and again. It's not about doing something with intensity every once in a while. It's about 'showing up' and actually doing the work on a regular basis. It's unwavering in my values and beliefs, being a constant in my daily life. The more inconsistent I am, the longer it takes me to progress, grow, and see changes. Past experiences have taught me this. Hence this word is perfect for me right now. That said, I need to remember that consistency is more important than perfection. ![[what consistency looks like .excalidraw.png]] ## Final thoughts  The word that encapsulates my intention for 2023 is 'Consistency.' This word will serve as an anchor and a reminder of the actions that I need to take to reach my goals. It will guide my behaviours, my attitude, and my daily life. Consistency will be the thing that stands between me and my achievements, and I'm ready to embrace it. **Now I ask you…What is the one word that will guide you in 2023?**