# April Roundup >[!example] 02 May 2023 #blog Each month I will be sharing a round-up of what I have been working on, what I've published (in case you've missed anything) and any extra bits and pieces that you may be interested in. --- I've had an extremely busy month completing Admin tasks which means that my writing has been put on the back burner a little. But on the plus side, it has allowed me to spend some time updating old posts and adding them to the site. These include: - [[Letting Go of the Guilt]]: Understanding the functional problem of care tasks - [[The Very Ordinariness of My Remains Will Make Me an Excellent Silent Teacher]]: Sue Black's thoughts about donating her body after she dies. - [[The Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things]]: Seeing the solution to each problem as being detectable in the pattern and web of the whole - [[No, I Am NOT a Physio!]]: My response to a disrespectful comment I previously received. - [[All the Things That Can Go Right During and After Menopause]]: Despite all the negatives of menopause & perimenopause, there really are so many positives too. - [[A Caffeine Copycat]]: The similarities between oestrogen and caffeine. - [[Perimenopause Is Like Climate Change]]: How changes to my cycle feel like experiencing all four seasons in a single day. - [[Tennis Ball Self-Massage]]: A cheap and effective way to release tension in your body (tools from my own personal recovery tool-kit) ## Exercise Database In addition I have been updating and adding old biomechanics and therapy exercise videos to the site (there are still many more to come). Although I am no longer practicing I still find myself referring friends and family to these videos all the time which is why I need them handy. I also know many of you came to know me as ‘The Body Mechanic’. These are reminders of the 'homework' that I gave out over the years, homework which helped so many of my clients. - [[Calf Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Chest Muscle Energy Techniques]] - [[Glute Muscle Energy Technique]] - [[Glute Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Hamstring Muscle Energy Technique]] - [[Hamstring Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Hip Flexor Activation]] - [[Hip Flexor Strengthening]] - [[Infraspinatus Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Latissimus Dorsi Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Lower Back (Quadratus Lumborum) Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Piriformis Muscle Energy Techniques]] - [[Piriformis Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Quadriceps Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Rhomboids Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Sciatic Nerve Mobilisations]] - [[Shoulder Muscle Energy Techniques]] - [[Upper Trap Muscle Energy Technique]] - [[Upper Trapezius Soft Tissue Release]] - [[Wall Glides]]