# women don’t know their own anatomy > Surveys find that nearly half of British women (and a quarter of American women) can’t identify the vagina on a medical diagram; fewer know where the vulva or cervix is [[Vagina Obscura by Rachel E. Gross#^xkut7]] --- - 2019 → researchers gave a short sex ed-style quiz to 2000 adults in the UK - Label the clitoris, labia, vagina, and urethra on an anatomy chart - Answered questions about - when to replace tampons - how to keep a vagina clean - The majority of men (and a large portion of women) failed the test - A third of both women and men did not know what the clitoris was - 59% of men could not accurately label where the vagina is located - 61% of men could not correctly indicate the urethra - 52% of men could not find the labia - Many people did not seem to understand their own bodies - A worrying lack of knowledge among women about how their genitalia works - 45% of women could not identify the the vagina - 55% did not know where the urethra is - 43% could not locate the labia [[(Waldersee, 2019)#^w2kcg]]