# there is a 10% overlap between a woxman's genital response and her subjective arousal > Now let’s run the same experiment with a woman. Put her in that quiet room, in that comfortable chair, and let her insert a vaginal photoplethysmograph (essentially a tiny flashlight about the size of a tampon that measures genital blood flow), and give her the tray and the dial and the variety of porn. > > Result: There will be about a 10 percent overlap between what her genitals are doing and what she dials in as her arousal. > > 10 percent. > > It turns out that there is no predictive relationship between how aroused she feels and how much her genitals respond—statistically insignificant. Her genital response will be about the same no matter what kind of porn she’s shown, and her genital response might match her sexual preferences… or it might not.2 It’s called “arousal nonconcordance.”3 > [[Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski#^z6ixg]]