# arousal nonconcordance needs to be talked about > But do have one brave conversation. Tell this to someone you know who has experienced sexual violence --you definitely know someone.In the US it's one in three women.One in six men. Almost half of transgender folks.Say "Genital response means it's a sex-related stimulus.It doesn't mean it was wanted or liked."Say it to a judge you know or a lawyer you know, or a cop or anyone who might sit on a jury in a sexual assault case.Say "Some people think that your body doesn't respond if you don't want or like what's happening, if only that were true.Instead, arousal nonconcordance. Say this to the confused teenager in your life who is just trying to figure out what, even, what? Say, if you bite this moldy fruit and your mouth waters, nobody would say to you,"Well, you just don't want to admit how much you like it."Same goes for down below, arousal nonconcordance. Say it to your partner. My genitals do not tell you what I want or like. I do.[[(Emily Nagoski, 2018)#^oj-it]] Emily advises everyone to tell someone else about sexual nonconcordance and I do too.