# Working Notes ![[How This Site Is Different#^ob6w9m]] %% Examples Quotes Extracted annotations from books / research papers Info from websites Own thoughts / claims It’s important that a claim notes becomes as atomic as possible claim notes + [[map of content (MOCs)]] + [[source note]] are all classed as [[Working Notes]] ie this is where I do my linking and thinking claim notes always link back to [[source note]] >Original quotes will be blocked when a claim note is from a reference then it's important to try and write own thoughts along with them answer questions why does this matter? what does this connect to? who is this for? where can i use this? ### Note titles - Should be complete phrases — note titles helps maintain concept-orientation - Should be able to be used as a heading, subheading or concept within structured notes - May include questions which could be answered within the rest of the notes - Are a claim that you want to make