<iframe width="390" height="230" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/rPm9VbjtzYs" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe> %% [Seated Shoulder Releases (Muscle Energy Techniques/ Biomechanics Anti-Spasm) - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPm9VbjtzYs&t=11s) hi guys so this video is regarding muscle energy techniques for the shoulders and neck area and I wanted to do a video seated so you can be way your daddy knew when you work him and make it as simple as possible so I'm the first one we're going to go through is flexion so there's a few different movements that we're going to go through the techniques completely the same so all you're doing with a muscle energy technique is you are pushing against a resistance you're contracting the muscles but it's not moving any of the areas okay so it's an isometric contraction again you're contracting the muscles but you're not moving anything and you're holding it roughly around about 20% misses and so you don't need to do lots of resistance on this keep it light so each one you're gonna hold it for about five to ten seconds so the first one we're gonna do is a flexion which basically means your hands going to come up the front you pop your other hand on top and then you're gonna think about a little lift in the arm up but you can stop it with you up - okay so this is the first one you're going to do so again you're thinking about lifting the arm up so my bottom arm is pressing into my top and you hold it there and then you relax and then we can move on you can go to the other side so again push it up and then relax okay so the next thing we're gonna do is extension so from there you can if you've got a back on your chair then you can basically just push your elbows into the chair so again you're not moving anything you've got that contraction going on but you're not moving so that's one way of doing it the other way is that you can bring your arm up place your hand underneath and you're pushing down into your hand okay so again hold it five ten seconds making sure that the area is not moving and then you'll relax so that's your extension okay so the next one we're going to do is your abduction okay which basically means to take it away and if you've got arms on chairs then you could do it that way so again we're looking at taking the arms out as if you lifting the arms out to the side so okay if you've got arms in the chair you can you're on to the side and then press against the arm to the check so again thinking lifting out what's exactly I'm doing and I'm holding okay good five seconds keep it like 20 some distance okay so if you don't have arms on your chairs hand go that side and again you think about lifting up you're using your arm as a resistance okay both sides hold and then relax okay the next one we're going to do is add up okay so which basically means to bring it back in okay so from here again if you got arms on your chair you can place it on the outside and you're pushing in okay so you can track them that way and squeeze in that way okay if you don't have arms on your chair again you can bring your hand in and just press against the arm okay so you need your hand as that resistance I'm so that's a lecture we've got external rotation which basically mean to take in the arm out so elbows stay in tight and you're thinking about rotating that fist outwards okay so get if you've got arms on your chest keep your elbows in and think about moving the fist the arms and the fist outwards okay and this is your external rotation so you're gonna get hold it same thing same principle okay so that's if you've got on the chest if you haven't popping your hand again elbows knees in tight and you think about rotating around so you're gonna give it a little bit of resistance there keep the shoulder relaxed and then you contract it okay and we're going to bring it in much so internal rotation okay so elbows stay in and we're looking at doing this movement so again often shares you that way bearing in mind that you want to be keeping the elbows in as you rotate it so it's a little bit more difficult on the chair but what you can do is elbow in tight and then you can use a fist or your hand and you just became thinking about bringing that in words that way and that's your internal rotation okay I am the next - I've actually added into this is your so the frontal scapula or the front a chest so we're looking at thinking about pushing that shoulder forwards okay without actually moving you popping your hand on the front and then you just gently pressing into your weakness and then you hold it up there okay so you work into a PEC minor area and all that scapular so again you just hold in the contraction relax and then same thing on this side so again think about moving it forward but you're putting your hand leg to stop it pushing your shoulder into your hand I think looks really well and and then the last one we're going to do is more upper traps area and neck area so popping your hand underneath your chair so you just basically anchoring yourself there so we actually go take your head to the side slightly so what we don't want is that you lift that shoulder at the same time okay so keeping that shoulder there keep it down take the neck to the side a little bit pop the hand over the other side and then you're pushing from your head into your hand okay so again pushing a little bit of resistance and you'll feel sort of all this area start to work and contract again same principles 5-10 seconds hold it oh and relax I make sure you do the other side as well so take the side price and then relax that way so we've that as well any of this area here you can do exactly the same things so if you're moving your neck and any area feels tight take it into that area