<iframe width="390" height="230" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-VT7Ufxykms" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe> %% hi guys so this video now is going to show you how to self massage and those muscles around the the sort of upper back shoulder area so this is because you can get a quite a bit of tension and I get a lot of clients in with this issue so they get a lot of tension between the sort of between the scapula and the shoulder blade and between the scapula and the spine so it's those areas there so either side of the spine and it can get really tense and tight and knotted if you like and so I'm this is a great way to help relieve that tension and the big thing to note with this is that yes it's great for helping with pain relief and it works really really well if this keeps happening and you're finding that you're needing to rely on pain relief and tennis balls and whatever else to relieve that tension then chances are those muscles are actually not chances are they're not strongly enough for to cope with what you're asking them to do and they get overworked and they get tired so it may be that they actually need a dressing with a little bit of strength work and chances are the muscles at the front of the chest as well they're probably quite rounded forward so once we start to relax this strengthen the muscles at the back then that's gonna work really really well so with this what we do is we'll grab a tennis ball and we grab a sock bear on my second dogs crane and we go tennis ball and a sock I'm gonna place is the tennis ball in the sock and the reason we do this is it works really really well to hold the tennis ball over and to find those areas without need in to grab your hand and place it over and the other thing is that it works really well in the sock because it tends to stick quite well to the wall as well so with this now again we're looking between the shoulder blade and the spine so you're gonna place it in that area and then what I'm actually gonna do is show you 2:04 is then I'm just gonna back into the 2:06 wall and I'm going to bend my knees a 2:10 little bit and into a bit of a squatted 2:12 position 2:13 and then what I can do is I can actually 2:14 put a little bit of pressure with my 2:16 legs against the wall okay so now all 2:20 I'm gonna do I'm gonna do is roll up and 2:24 down to see if I can find some tender 2:27 spots and I'm going to find some nice 2:31 spots there oh and I'm actually gonna do 2:35 is keep it on there and then I'm gonna 2:38 start some move the arm around okay and 2:40 so you can either move the ball which 2:44 works well and or you can just place 2:47 pressure on certain spots and then start 2:50 to move the arms and the shoulder it a 2:53 little bit of a stretch and work that 2:56 round and you can work actually both 2:58 sides you can have a fiddle around let's 3:00 see where you can find at a certain 3:02 point so you'll be able to find this be 3:05 able to do this better than any massage 3:07 therapist in the world because you will 3:08 be able to pinpoint the spots better 3:10 than anybody 3:11 so do it nice and gentle start off nice 3:14 and easy it should feel like you're 3:15 quite a nice discomfort and it feels 3:18 like a good pain there's a lot of my 3:19 clients tend to say so and give it a go 3:22 see how you get on but remember if it if 3:24 you find that you keep needing to rely 3:27 on the tenth ball and rely on this self 3:30 massage techniques then chances are 3:32 there's something else that needs 3:33 addressing so go and find somebody else 3:34 that can help you with that as well so 3:36 hope that helps guys and see how you get 3:38 on