## Standing Latissimus Dorsi Soft Tissue Release <iframe width="390" height="230" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NZpznPxf4hU" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe> %% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZpznPxf4hU morning guys so this video now we're looking at the lats muscles you're gonna use a massage ball or two tennis balls in the stock or general works best for you tap play around and see what you find most beneficial so obviously everybody's different have a play and see how you get on so with this again we're gonna be focusing on those lats muscle so the lap that's muscle the big huge muscles off on that on your back and they attach into the arm so you can actually grab the last just underneath your shoulder blades and underneath your arm here and we're actually going to be working on those muscles so if you have any difficulty getting into overhead positions then sometimes these like muscle and actually bring you forward and want to bring your arms behind you back so the well known for being the handcuffed muscles so if you think that the lats muscles actually do this rotate this movement and you want to be doing this one and you can't then it's well worth having a play around with some self-massage onto the lat muscles itself so with this you can do it lying down I'm just going to show you and doing it against a wall because this is real worked really well again I'm gonna show you single both to start off with so all you're gonna do is on those Lutz muscles so just just underneath your shoulder blade so if you have a feel around you'll feel the bony part and you'll feel your shoulder length so I can feel about around over there and you're looking just any of that area here underneath your armpit and I'm gonna place the ball there and I'm going to bring my arm across to start off with and it doesn't take a lot of pressure so all I'm gonna do is I'm actually moving forwards and back and I'm trying to find some particular spots there's quite a bit going on for me up there so when I find a spot I'm going to hold it that and then I'm going to start to move the arms 2:04 I'm gonna have a play around I'm gonna 2:08 just try and get a little bit 2:09 more movement in there again what you 2:13 can do as well so you can move forwards 2:15 and back and you can move up and down so 2:19 again all that air you know if we were 2:21 if you'll come to me for massage I'd 2:22 work all that area so just have a play 2:25 around and see what you can find 2:26 again if there's a little bit of 2:28 discomfort or if there is discomfort 2:30 then maybe spend a little bit more time 2:32 on that area and just have a bit of a 2:35 wiggle around so you can use again a 2:37 syllable that makes a massive difference 2:39 I'm gonna have to do the other side now 2:40 so you can use a single ball again you 2:44 can use two times balls in a sock where 2:46 you can get the peanut massage balls and 2:48 what you can do is you can either do it 2:51 that way 2:52 so it's coming either side of your arm 2:56 that way and again all you want to do is 2:59 actually keep the balls where they are 3:01 so the balls don't move it's actually 3:03 your body that moves over the balls 3:05 themselves and again I'm rocking forward 3:08 and back and I'm just gonna move up and 3:11 down slightly to see if there's anything 3:13 there and then the other way you can do 3:15 because actually bring the balls in that 3:17 position as well so exactly the same 3:20 thing and that works really well for me 3:23 so I'm gonna move forwards and back and 3:26 again I'm gonna move the arm I think I 3:29 would play around see what I can find 3:33 that feels amazing and again the 3:36 difference is incredible after literally 3:38 what a minute and so yeah you don't need 3:41 to do a hell of a lot to make a 3:44 difference even 30 seconds a minute you 3:47 know little enough then it's always the 3:48 best thing I advise my clients so little 3:51 after get the work done so again if you 3:53 struggle to get into any overhead 3:55 positions and then this is well that you 3:58 definitely want to be working on so have 4:00 a play let me know how you get on and I 4:03 will speak to you soon bye %% ## Lying Lat Foam Rolling <iframe width="390" height="230" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/1Dw_dzAgHGw" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe> %% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dw_dzAgHGw&t=12s hi guys so we're looking at using the foam roller and also a tennis ball to help release your laps so at the side of your body and on your back you've got quite a big muscle called your latissimus dorsi and that's what we're looking at releasing with these so I'm going to start off with a foam roller and what you're going to do the lie on your side has the reading on the floor and we're going to place the foam roller just underneath your shoulders right on the side and I'm actually going to rest my hand head in my hands for this one to start off with and you can rock for them back to try and find some tenderness and some discomfort and that's okay that's what you're actually looking for so from there I found some here I'm going to hold it on I'm going to keep breathing and I'm actually going to start to move my arm forward and back as well so keeping that pressure on I'm going to move my arm up and down and I'm just going to get some movement and some mobility in there what I'm then going to do is I'm actually going to move the foam roller up a little bit I'm going to do the same again so you can lean over the front wall it's whatever works for you and Britt game you're looking for that tenderness so you can go up and down you can go forward them back and again you can move your arm and get that mobility in as well trying to get pressure on the roller most people for your list to be fair so you can use the foam roller which worked really well really well if you have a very foam roller you can then use a tennis ball or you might have to do is put your hand on the floor to take some of the pressure up cause it's quite intense so same thing you're going to put the tennis ball just underneath your shoulders like ah and I can feel that straightaway so again I'm going to just sort of move forward and back to tilting forward and back I found a tender spot that I'm right will never bother reaching my heart that so what I'm going to do is 2:07 I'm actually going to move the ball a 2:08 little bit further up towards my armpit 2:11 and again I'm just going to roll forward 2:13 and back on it so mine pretty tender 2:15 right now and it's quite intense with 2:17 the withered tennis ball I can lift my 2:20 arm with the foam roller it's not a 2:21 problem when it comes to tennis ball 2:23 it's quite intense so and it's whatever 2:25 you can 2:26 oh here we go it's whatever you can 2:28 actually do and move up again so you are 2:34 looking for that discomfort on that 2:36 tennis breathe relax into the ball 2:39 you can even contract get the lap and 2:42 tense that area and then relax into it 2:45 and so this is releasing your laps using 2:49 temple and the foam roller %%