The last time I visited the cadaver labs in London, I had just finished listening to Written in Bone by Sue Black, and I couldn't help but love her thoughts about donating her body after she died. ![[thorax.png]] >“I have said before that when I die I would like my body to be dissected in the anatomy department in Dundee university. I want to be embalmed using the Thiel method my department there pioneered in the UK. The very ordinariness of my remains will make me an excellent silent teacher. > >I would prefer my students to be scientists, please, rather than medics or dentists. Science students learn about anatomy in much more detail, because their curriculum devotes more time to the subject.  > >When they have finished with me, I would like all my bones to be brought together and boiled down to get rid of all the fat inside, and then to be rearticulated as a teaching skeleton so that I can hang in the dissecting room I helped to design and continue to teach for the rest of my death. > >I see it as such a waste to go up in smoke or to be buried uselessly in the soil. And what could be more fitting, for an anatomist and forensic anthropologist, than to want to be an articulated skeleton when she grows up? “