I watched Alex Borstein perform her comedy set Corsets & Clown Suits on Prime. And she said something that got me thinking... %% > "You want equality, right ladies? No. You don't want equality, you want equity. > > Equality is where everyone is treated the same. Equity is where everyone gets access to the resources they need to achieve their own success. And that's how we achieve equality. > > You can't have equality without equity. And I don't think, as long as we have this gender gap, I don't know that it's possible." %% ![[equity equality quote.png]] I thought this was a really interesting take on the gender gap. So then, obviously, I had to look into what actually is the difference between equality and equity. - ==Equality:== equivalence, par, sameness - ==Equity:== fairness My first thought was - is there a difference? I keep coming back to it over and over again, and there may well be a difference. Going back to women always [[Toilet Queues|queuing for the toilets]]... - Equality is having the same space allocated to them. - Equity is having the space required to ensure that we do not have to queue all the time with kids, elderly parents, and so on. Again, equality is the same; equity is fairness. Do we want equality when we are so very, very different? I'm still pondering on the difference between the two. And it's definitely worth pondering.