I do not write and share the information on the menstrual cycle just so you can have more information. Because who really needs more information? I share this so that you can improve your life in some way. So that you can become fitter, healthier, stronger, happier. I share this so you can become the best version of yourself. So that you can achieve your goals. So again, when I share about the menstrual cycle, I am not sharing just so that you can read and then file it away as ‘interesting’. I share this for you to DO something with this information. I share so you start [[Menstrual Cycle Tracking| TRACKING your own cycle]]. I share so you can give yourself permission to REST. I share so that you can PLAN what training to do during each phase. I share so that you know when to SCHEDULE in date nights. I share so that you can TALK to your partner about what’s going on. I share so that you can HELP your daughters as they experience their own cycle. I share so that you can ADAPT your to-do list to optimise when to get things done. I share so that you can CHANGE your perceptions around being a woman. The information I share has the capacity to change your life in some way. I really do believe that. But it can’t do that just by reading. It can only do that by you taking action. One small step is all it takes. One step. Then another. And another. Take the step.