I have spoken to so many women over the last few months who are struggling. Who feel broken, crazy, lost, insane. Who feel like they are falling apart. Who have hit their capacity to cope. Whose batteries are dead. And the spark they once felt has gone. So many strong, powerful, confident women. Falling apart. The cracks showing their imperfections. I know that feeling, too. I've been there. We all have. Or at least we all will at some time or another. Maybe we lose a loved one, and grief is too much to bear. Maybe our dreams turn out to be not what we wanted after all. Maybe we are experiencing one [[Understanding the Impact of Little t Traumas|little t trauma]] after another. As Miranda Bailey said (Grey's Anatomy fan here!) >"Everyone else around you gets to fall apart. Take your turn." So, I give you permission to go insane. Just make sure you come back again.