I want to share how the menstrual cycle affects our exercise and training, how it affects our work and careers and how it affects sex and relationships. Yet I realised that I still needed to cover the foundations. I had not written about what is actually happening in our bodies — the science of the menstrual cycle. Hence, I have spent the last 3 (ish) months working on precisely that. I tried simplifying the complex [[Menstrual Cycle Science|in an article]], but realised that it was still not enough. So, I took out a couple of thousand words and created [[Menstrual Cycle Science Simplified|a simplified version]] of *that*. I have still published both the article *and* the simplified article. Why? Because they both have value. If you want an overview, head to the [[Menstrual Cycle Science Simplified|simplified version]]. If you want a more in-depth look at the science [[Menstrual Cycle Science|head to the full article]]. Or better still, read both! The menstrual cycle is complex. And when something is complex, it's normal for us to try and simplify things. The menstrual cycle is no exception. This is my attempt to make the complicated understandable. And hopefully more enjoyable to read. But more than anything, it's a chance for me to lay the foundations for what's to come.