# Why It's Okay to Fall Behind on Our Goals Despite wanting to post every day in November (or at least as many days as I could), I haven't for the last two days. Tuesday was my birthday, so I was busy all day. Then yesterday, I was recharging from a busy few days (there was definitely an introvert hangover going on). And yet that voice in my head started up "You never commit to anything". Thankfully, it didn't last long because it got me thinking... It doesn't matter whether we set goals related to writing, exercising, eating well or having earlier nights - things get in the way. It doesn’t mean we quit. Sometimes, we need to lower our own expectations. Those expectations that we put on ourselves. We need to stop beating ourselves up when things don’t go the way we planned (as they rarely do). We need to see the bigger picture and know that every step we take is another penny in the bank towards our goals. Because the fact is, we cannot do everything all at once. Sometimes we need to [[Owning the Busy|decide what's more important]]. And celebrating my birthday was more important than posting. Recharging my battery was more important than posting. And the rest of the time - training, spending time with my kids, and cooking meals, were all more important than posting. Don't get me wrong, if this is happening all the time, then we need to reevaluate. Whether it's changing our goals or putting different systems in place. But even then, whether our goals are fitness, health or writing-related, we need to remember that things get in the way sometimes. And that's OK. Let's cut ourselves some slack. Don't quit. Tomorrow is another day.