I did not intend to write an article on [[Female-Based Research Flaws|the flaws in female-based research]]. It sort of just happened. Because for every paper, study and article I read, I found another which contradicted it. Hence I needed to dig deeper. I needed to know what the hell was going on and who to believe. Did you know that the study of the menstrual cycle on the exercise response has been happening since at least 1876? No neither did I. So you would think that with decades of research, consistent methods of studying the menstrual cycle would have been developed. But you would be wrong. And this has led to research that is inconsistent, unreliable and invalid. Because the fact is, poor experimental design within studies carried out on females is down to one thing – a lack of understanding of the menstrual cycle and hormone changes that females experience over their lifespan. So before you read anything else that involves female-based 'facts', read this. And then approach any research with a critical eye and consider the potential biases or limitations that I have pointed out. And hopefully, over time, we will see experimental design and methodologies improve and with it, our knowledge and understanding of women's health & fitness.