# Subscribe <iframe src="https://keatesandrews.substack.com/embed" width="390" height="230" style="border:1px solid #EEE; background:white;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> %% So much of what I learn when I am researching for an article won't necessarily make it into my actual writing. But I find it difficult to just throw away — especially since it might be useful or interesting to someone else. My main interests — and thus the (usual) focus of these deep dives — tend to be questions about how health and wellness is different for females. Professionally, my background is in health, fitness and therapy — but writing has always been my passion. My goal is to provide information that interests and surprises. Information that is not only obscure in the enigmatic sense but obscure for the fact that it focuses on the female body. After all, as Rachel Gross points out, > "There are parts of your own [female] body less known than the bottom of the ocean, or the surface of Mars. Most researchers I talked to blamed this dearth of knowledge on the black-box problem: the female body is considered more complex, more obscure, with much of its plumbing tucked up inside. To get inside it, we’ve needed high-tech imaging tools, tools that have only come around in recent decades. When I heard these answers, I couldn’t help thinking of what science has done in the twenty-first century: put a rover on Mars, made a three-parent baby, built an artificial sheep uterus. And we couldn’t figure out the composition of vaginal mucus?" Hence the newsletter is my 'behind-the-scenes’. It’s a place where I think out loud, share my thoughts and write about what I have discovered down the rabbit holes I so often find myself lost within. If you ever have any questions, please reach out and [let me know](mailto: [email protected] ) %%