# How This Site Is Different %%[[digital garden]]%% I consider this site more of a digital garden, a little corner of the web where I get to [[Sharing My Creative Process|share my creative process]] and [[Learning in Public|learn in public]]. Unlike a traditional blog where dates of publication are the most important detail, notes are connected through related themes, ideas and shared context. A personal wikipedia if you like. Or as Nick Milo calls it, an Innernet.  ^dbf0e9 ## Types of Posts There are many different types of posts found on this site, including blog, newsletters, concepts, working/claim notes, sources, and an exercise database. Each of these types of posts serves a different purpose and is part of the creative process that leads to the final output of an article. Knowing about these different types of content can provide a deeper understanding of the creative process involved in learning and ultimately, content creation. %%[[Working Notes]]%% ### 1. Notes Working notes are where I am busy '[[Note-Taking vs Note-Making#Note-Taking|note-taking]]' as opposed to '[[Note-Taking vs Note-Making#Note-Making|note-making]]'. Also known as 'Claim Notes' they are often organised into the format of "claim / evidence / explanation". Hence they will have a descriptive title (or claim that I am making), a quote and a source, and sometimes even an explanation of what it's related to or why I have saved it. ^ob6w9m These are the start of my [[Sharing My Creative Process|creative process]], a living document that is designed to evolve alongside my understanding. This means that you will find each note in a different stage of the creative process.  Again some will be quotes or extracted text from [[#Sources|sources]]. Many will include my own thoughts (usually in bullet points). Others will be a little more structured, like mini blogs. You may even find an image or a graph in some, where others are left blank. The main point is, these are *working* notes. They are not finished. They are not static. And they are certainly not pretty. They will have spelling mistakes and be grammatically incorrect. But they will also evolve. They will change. They will be corrected, moved around and linked to other notes. They will become, *something*. %%[[Sources]]%% ### 2. Sources This is my database of sources that I’ve collected over the years from scientific papers, books, news articles, videos, webpages, etc. I have thousands of them (including notes that I have made) just sitting on my desktop which I am (slowly) adding to this site so that I can share everything I have read, with you. Hence this is constantly being updated. ^r7gla0 Sources are related to health, pain, fitness, nutrition, hormones, therapy, pain and wellness. Basically anything to do with the human body that I have found interesting or have been relevant to myself, my work or my clients. At some point these will be categorised (via tags) so that there will be some order to them. I NEED order! But for now, my focus is just getting them posted. %%[[Blogs]]%% ### 3. Blog: AKA Small b Blogging [[Tom Critchlow|Tom Critchlow]] said: > Small b blogging is learning to write and think *with* the network. Small b blogging is writing content designed for small deliberate audiences and showing it to them. Small b blogging is deliberately chasing interesting ideas over pageviews and scale. An attempt at genuine connection vs the gloss and polish and mass market of most “content marketing”. This is how I think of my Blog.  It's where I get to think out loud, share my thoughts and post snippets of my latest work. It's where I get to brainstorm fresh concepts (that may evolve into articles), share scientific news, and discuss obscure topics that I have discovered along the way. Unlike [[#Articles|articles]] that simmer in the background whilst I find more research, blogs are often written as things crop up and then linked to previous ideas or concepts I have come across. And just like my [[#Working Notes|working notes]], these are not pretty or perfect. They are a chance for me to quickly get my thoughts down on (digital) paper and out of my head. ^888af2 What happens to them after that? Well, I guess we’ll see. %%[[Articles]]%% ### 4. Articles [[Articles]] are the core content of the site. Where I research, wrap my head around the science and create something (an article) that makes sense. Where sources meets the blog. It’s where I join the dots. ^whxtpq After all, everything is connected. We cannot separate the muscular system from the endocrine system. Or the nervous system. Or the immune system. Or the brain. Or the gut. Or pain. Or our thoughts, feelings, expectations, attitudes or past experiences. EVERYTHING is connected. EVERYTHING. And it's within the articles that I connect these ideas. %%[[Newsletters]]%% ### 5. Newsletters I think of the Newsletter as a way that I can sit down with a friend and chat about something that I have recently come across and found interesting. It’s where I can share my thoughts, blogs, articles and experiences with the small group of people who are interested in what I write about and the process that comes with it. You can subscribe to my newsletter [[Subscribe|here]]. ^15e0rj %%[[Concepts]]%% ### 6. Concepts Concepts are where I connect all the ideas related to a specific concept or region of the body, like [[menstrual cycle|menstrual cycle]] or [[shoulder]]. They are not (usually) 'claims', they're just a collection points or index. They are my Maps Of Content (MOCs). That said, they are more for my reference as I can use them to find all related information. However you may not be able to view the same notes as I can on the published version. %%The backlinks for these are usually pretty valuable.%% %%[[Exercise Database]]%% ### 7. Exercise Database Over the years, hundreds of videos were recorded for my clients to be used as a reminder of what they needed to complete for their ‘homework’. (ie their rehab). These included muscle energy techniques, self myofascial release, from neurodynamics and strengthening work. Again, adding these to the site makes sense. They have helped so, so many people over the years and hopefully they will continue to do so. New videos will also be created as and when needed. ^il75mw ## How to use the site There are a number of ways to enter the 'garden' and follow the trails. - Use the search bar to look for specific topics or keywords - Choose a concept and follow the links and backlinks - Open the folder of blogs or articles - Check out the most recent newsletters (these are dated yyyy.mm.dd) Take some time to explore and engage with the content on this site. You never know what new ideas or insights you might discover! ## Some pages do not yet exist? You may notice that some links are 'broken', in that it says the page does not yet exist. This is because some notes have not been published to the website. This is not an error. It is simply that I have either a) chosen not to publish or b) am not quite ready to publish. In the case of the former, some things I need to keep private. In the case of the latter, it is usually because I am gathering my thoughts together and publishing too soon may be confusing to readers. ## An important caveat There are 2 more things I want you to understand about this site: ### My posts are not polished or carefully crafted I am working so hard at letting go of my inner critic and perfectionism (something that can often paralyse my creative process). And instead I am giving myself permission to share my imperfect presentation of what I know at this moment in time. As a result you will not always find polished, carefully crafted posts. They will not always be pretty. I will not add images just for the sake of making things look nice (so much time has been wasted trying to find the ‘perfect’ image). They may have spelling mistakes and be grammatically incorrect, especially when they are in the early stages. But they will also evolve. They will change. They will be corrected, moved around and linked to other notes. ### Posts are always open to revision and expansion Posts on my site are not 100% complete. And nor will they ever be. They are a work in progress, living documents that are designed to evolve alongside my understanding. The more I am open to [[Learning in Public|learning in public]], the more mistakes I will openly make. This means that I will need to correct, amend and edit as I continue [[Sharing My Creative Process|sharing my incomplete & imperfect ideas]] with you all. And because I am [[Learning in Public|learning in public]], it means that they will need revising. Again. And again. And again. >[!Example] See also > - [[Learning in Public]] > - [[Sharing My Creative Process]] > - [[Note-Taking vs Note-Making]]