How to Unlock The Power Within: 3 Steps To Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

Women’s bodies are cyclical by nature. We are not consistent no matter how much we try. Not in our moods. Not in our thoughts. Not in our behaviours.

Growing up I could never understand why on earth I struggled to be the same person, believe the same things, act the same way, from one day to the next. This was something that was frustrating and painful to me.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I would often write in my journal.

“Why can’t I commit to anything?”

It wasn’t until many years later that I learned the reason why.

Our Hormones Are Responsible

As women we produce different quantities of hormones at different points in our menstrual cycle. The main ones being Oestrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone

And it’s these hormones that are responsible for the changes that we experience through our cycle. Our moods, thoughts and behaviours constantly ebb and flow. As do our strengths, vulnerabilities and needs.

And as we have 4 distinct phases in our cycle, this also means that we have 4 different personas each cycle too!

What the hell?

Why did I not know this growing up? Why?

Now I realise that understanding our internal rhythms really is the key to being more connected to our bodies, our moods, our thoughts and our behaviours.

Knowing this has allowed me to be much more in sync with my cycle. Now I know how to train, what to eat and what I need to look after my health and my body based on the phase I am in.

This has literally changed my life!

“When you know why you do the things you do and why are you act a certain way at certain times of the month, you begin to breathe a little easier, you’re less hard on yourself and, despite what you may have previously been told, you realize that you’re not crazy. You realize that you’re not consistent either, you’re in fact cyclic and that? Well, that is a GOOD thing.”

Lisa Lister

How You Can Change Your Life Too

So if you are wanting to get to know your cycle and to unlock the power that this knowledge holds, here are 3 basic steps I would recommend to get you started.

Even if this basic tracking is all that you do, you’ll still learn a huge amount about your body, your health, your mind, your mood and your hormones.

After 3 cycles you will begin to spot patterns. You’ll know what is normal for you and you’ll start to discover the power that this information holds.

You will come to realise how everything about you ebbs & flows. And when this happens, I can guarantee that you’ll become even more curious and want to use this knowledge to your advantage.

But remember that understanding your body, your health, your hormones takes time. They need time for you to uncover the depth of what is unfolding. Feel free to pick the practices that work for you at this stage right now. You can always come back later and select others to focus on when you are ready.

Free Download

To help you get started I have created a blank template that you can download for free. You can do that here

Here’s a example of a completed one and how I use it:

Step 1: Note Your Bleed

So as part of basic cycle tracking you should make a note of:

  • The first day and the last day of bleeding
  • How long you are bleeding for
  • How heavy your flow is on each day
  • Any spotting you experience (either before or after your period or at other times in your cycle)

All of these are important to help identify any possible hormone concerns that may be going on.

Step 2: Highlight Special Days

I would also make a note of any days that feel particularly troublesome. You may come to discover these happen every cycle on the same day and so can help you prepare for them.

I’d also add days that feel particularly amazing. Which again may happen each and every cycle and so identifying these can help you to optimise these days.

Step 3: Write Just 3 Words

In addition to this I would go with writing down just 3 words to describe how you feel on that day. This could be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. You could add what you feels your strengths are or your vulnerabilities. Or you add a note of what you need today. It really doesn’t matter. Simply write down what is important to you!

Final Thoughts

My hope is that in helping you to understand your cycle, we can reframe it in a new way for you. Once you uncover the power that comes from knowing yourself so deeply, perhaps you’ll begin to feel that maybe having a menstrual cycle is not such a curse after all and is actually something you can use to your advantage in so many ways.

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