No Menstrual Cycle? How You Can Work With The Moon Instead

After I posted about using ‘Just 3 Words’ to track your Menstrual Cycle, I had a number of women asking if they could still track if they no longer had a cycle or if theirs was sporadic.

And my answer is yes!

By using the cycle of the Moon which is referred to as the Lunar Cycle. (If this sounds a bit woo-woo to you, I get it. I did too for many years. But the more I work on my own cycle and the more I look into those of the moons, I really see how beneficial it can be and how the reflect one another)

This works especially well during phases of life when periods stop, such as when we use hormonal birth control, during perimenopause when cycles become less frequent, post-menopause when bleeding stops, hysterectomy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or amenorrhoea. These are the times that we can use the lunar cycle to help guide us.

The lunar cycle is 29.5 days in length which is pretty similar to the average menstrual cycle of 28 days. And the reason it works so well is that in each phase of the lunar cycle there are qualities which mirror those of the phases of the menstrual cycle.

The New Moon mirrors Menstruation (Inner Winter). The Waxing Moon mirrors that of pre-ovulation (Inner Spring). The Full Moon mirrors Ovulation (Inner Summer). And the Waning Moon mirrors the pre-menstrual phase (Inner Autumn).

So if you wanted to track using the Lunar cycle as a guide I would suggest that you make your ‘Day 1’ the day of the new moon and then work from there, with each new moon representing the start of your next cycle.

Again every woman is different and tracking is personal to you. You may not find patterns as much as you would if you had a menstrual cycle BUT using the lunar cycle means that you can live in a more cyclical way.

Sarah Gottesdiener author of The Moon Book explains that during the New Moon is where we set our intentions for the coming cycle.

The Waxing phase is where we take practical steps to move forward.

The Full Moon is where “we celebrate, affirm, aim even higher”.

And during the Waning Moon we release, work through those things that are blocking us, and get rid of what no longer serves us.

Using the Lunar Cycle really is a brilliant tool that can help if you feel lost without the presence of a menstrual cycle. And especially if you want to start living with the ebb and flow of a cyclical nature. It can really help you to feel grounded and experience a rhythm.

It is a way for you to anchor yourself and can help you to pay attention to your energy, your aspirations and your needs. It can guide you as you grow and find power within each and every cycle.

PS: In the next month or so (I’m still letting life flow!) I will be releasing my Online Course to help YOU understand YOUR Menstrual Cycle.

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