1-2-1 Private Coaching Programme

Improving your Health, Fitness & Wellness doesn’t have to be confusing, and you definitely don’t need to do it on your own.

Are you are ready to work with a professional who will help you cut through all the nonsense?

“I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. …Sarah blew me away with her depth of knowledge, it’s practical application and her skill! Not only have we worked together to solve many of my bodies ‘problems’ but sarah has increased my knowledge and understanding, meaning that I am better placed to manage my physical performance moving forward.

J. Stubbington

My approach is simple:

  1. Learn how to listen to your body, mind, mood & hormones (a skill we refer to as Body Literacy)
  2. Identify any underlying issues, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours
  3. Develop an action plan to improve your health & wellness that is UNIQUE to you

When we work together you will:

Understand what consistency means for YOU (Women are not linear, we are cyclical and your menstrual cycle and hormones affect you on a daily basis)

Learn that your body, moods, feelings, energy and pain all contain a wealth of information about your overall health that are vital to your journey

Appreciate that symptoms are your bodies attempt to catch your attention and that you can actually achieve so much more BECAUSE of your symptoms

Learn how to literally read your body and use that knowledge to create a blueprint to optimise your health, fitness & wellbeing

What’s Included?

6 Private Consultations

This program takes place over a 12 week period and includes 6 private consultations arranged at times designed to optimise your progress.

Ebb & Flow Online Self-Study Course

You gain access to my Online Self-Study Course as part of your program (which will be released in May 2021)

Unlimited Email Support For The Duration Of The Programme

I am available to you for questions throughout the programme! If any questions come up between sessions (and I promise you, they will!) I’m here for you via email. As a client of mine your emails are my top priority.

This lady is fantastic. She LISTENED to me!


Are You Ready To Invest In Your Health & Wellness?

After years of supporting women, I know that you can achieving your goals with the support of a trained coach who wants you to be successful.

You may come for health & fitness but you will leave with body literacy.

You will develop a much deeper understanding of how intimately connected your menstrual cycle is to your overall health, motivation & productivity.

This program IS for you if:

  • You’re ready to ditch the quick fixes and to start trusting that your body has the answers you need
  • You want to have the confidence that the decisions you’re making are the right ones for you
  • You have some experience of health & fitness under your belt but want to go deeper in your journey

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a magic pill or some other easy way to fix ‘things’ without any effort
  • You’re currently doing your own thing and things couldn’t be better
  • You don’t see the value in seeking professional support because you’d rather figure it out on your own

Sarah is fantastic at what she does, so knowledgable! She listens and makes you feel totally at ease.

L. Evans

Ready To Apply?

This 1-2-1 Private Coaching Programme with me is currently £547

Once you submit your application, I will be in touch. I will arrange a time for us to talk and get to know each other better. On that call, we will make the decision whether to move forward or refer you to a trusted colleague if I feel that they’d be a better fit for what you’re after.

If you’re not ready for 1-2-1 coaching at the moment, then you can join the Group Coaching Programme and be part of our incredible community or enrol on the the Online Self-Study Course.

This is the chance for you to create the change that you want

Are your ready to have focussed time with me one-on-one, to sort your health & fitness out and transform your life…?

Do you feel a nervous excitement as you read this page…?

Do you have something inside you telling you to jump in and commit to doing this…?

Apply Here..

Amazing, I’m still finding the words to describe how I feel today.

…Not only is Sarah amazing and informed, but she can relate and puts you at ease.

…Four of my friends have been and recommended her, and I’m so thankful I took their advice.

S. Hicks