%% #Ignore update via "Update Publish Files" template %% - [[Blog/November 2023 Roundup.md|November 2023 Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 02 December 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Hustle Never Made Me Feel the Way I Wanted to Feel.md|The Hustle Never Made Me Feel the Way I Wanted to Feel]] How I have lived the first half of my life is not how I want to live this second half. <strong><small><i> 29 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/What Are You Leaving Behind?.md|What Are You Leaving Behind?]] Every new season of life is an invitation to leave behind the things of the season before. <strong><small><i> 27 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/We Have to Start Somewhere.md|We Have to Start Somewhere]] Evidence-based research for women is lacking but its all we have right now. <strong><small><i> 25 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Female-Based Research Flaws.md|The Flaws in Female-Based Research]] How a lack of understanding and poor experimental design lead to inconsistent and invalid findings. <strong><small><i> 25 November 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Articles/Menstrual Cycle Books.md|Menstrual Cycle Books]] Must-reads on menstrual health. <strong><small><i> 23 November 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/Women Are Cyclical Not Linear.md|Women Are Not Linear]] We are cyclical. <strong><small><i> 22 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br>