%% #Ignore update via "Update Publish Files" template %% - [[Blog/November 2023 Roundup.md|November 2023 Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 02 December 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Hustle Never Made Me Feel the Way I Wanted to Feel.md|The Hustle Never Made Me Feel the Way I Wanted to Feel]] How I have lived the first half of my life is not how I want to live this second half. <strong><small><i> 29 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/What Are You Leaving Behind?.md|What Are You Leaving Behind?]] Every new season of life is an invitation to leave behind the things of the season before. <strong><small><i> 27 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/We Have to Start Somewhere.md|We Have to Start Somewhere]] Evidence-based research for women is lacking but its all we have right now. <strong><small><i> 25 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Female-Based Research Flaws.md|The Flaws in Female-Based Research]] How a lack of understanding and poor experimental design lead to inconsistent and invalid findings. <strong><small><i> 25 November 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Articles/Menstrual Cycle Books.md|Menstrual Cycle Books]] Must-reads on menstrual health. <strong><small><i> 23 November 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/Women Are Cyclical Not Linear.md|Women Are Not Linear]] We are cyclical. <strong><small><i> 22 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/How Much Rest Do We Need?.md|How Much Rest Do We Need?]] Clue - it's more than you think! <strong><small><i> 19 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Perimenopause Is Not About Ageing.md|Perimenopause Is NOT About Ageing]] If you're in your late 30s / early 40s, it's time to understand what's happening. <strong><small><i> 17 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/We Are Those People.md|We Are "Those People"]] The shame that keeps us from living. <strong><small><i> 15 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Small Things.md|The Small Things]] Sometimes, the most beautiful things we do are invisible. <strong><small><i> 12 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Give Yourself a Chance.md|Give Yourself a Chance]] Doubt is an insult to your potential. <strong><small><i> 10 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Cutting Ourselves Some Slack.md|Cutting Ourselves Some Slack]] Why it's okay to fall behind on our goals. <strong><small><i> 09 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The 50-Page Rule.md|The 50-Page Rule]] Life's too short to read bad books. <strong><small><i> 06 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Even Superwoman Needs to Pause.md|Even Superwoman Needs to Pause]] Owning what you need. <strong><small><i> 05 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Taking Action.md|Taking Action]] I do not write and share the information on the menstrual cycle just so you can have more information. <strong><small><i> 04 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Why Are Women Not Studied?.md|Why Are Women Not Studied?]] Addressing the gender data gap in exercise and fitness research. <strong><small><i> 03 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/It's Never Too Late to Start.md|It's Never Too Late to Start]] The key to healthy ageing. <strong><small><i> 02 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/October 2023 Roundup.md|October Roundup]] In case you missed something this month (and some news too). <strong><small><i> 01 November 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Take Your Turn to Fall Apart.md|Take Your Turn to Fall]] Everyone else around you gets to. <strong><small><i> 31 October 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Embracing the Unknown.md|Embracing the Unknown]] Taking the first step. <strong><small><i> 13 October 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Things to Do When You Feel Like You’re Failing.md|3 Things To Do When You Feel Like You’re Failing]] Overcoming self-doubt and comparison. <strong><small><i> 12 October 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Difference Between Equality and Equity.md|The Difference Between Equality and Equity]] Exploring the gender gap. <strong><small><i> 11 October 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Let Them Come.md|Let Them Come]] Don't try to stop the anxious thoughts that come into your mind. <strong><small><i> 10 October 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/September 2023 Roundup.md|September Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 09 October 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Navigating Nutrition with a History of Eating Disorders.md|Navigating Nutrition with a History of Eating Disorders]] How Do You Find Balance After So Many Years of Ignoring It? <strong><small><i> 30 September 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Sex Reassignment Gives Interesting Insights Into Hormones & Pain.md|Sex Reassignment Gives Interesting Insights Into Hormones & Pain]] How transsexuals help with pain research. <strong><small><i> 27 September 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/One Woman's High Is Another Woman's Low.md|One Woman's High Is Another Woman's Low]] Understanding the complexity of menstrual cycle symptoms. <strong><small><i> 26 September 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Unique Menstrual Cycles.md|Unique Menstrual Cycles]] One woman's high is another woman's low. <strong><small><i> 26 September 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/Everyone Gets to Be Young but Not Everyone Gets to Be Old.md|Everyone Gets to Be Young but Not Everyone Gets to Be Old]] Sharing words of wisdom from Virgin River. <strong><small><i> 11 September 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Women's Risk-Taking Behaviour During Ovulation.md|Women's Risk-Taking Behaviour During Ovulation]] Are we more or less likely to take risks? <strong><small><i> 06 September 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Understanding the Impact of Little t Traumas.md|Understanding the Impact of Little t Traumas]] Recognising and healing everyday stresses. <strong><small><i> 16 July 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/June 2023 Roundup.md|June Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 04 July 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Fail Quicker.md|Fail Quicker]] Note to self. <strong><small><i> 23 June 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Do Not Confuse Capacity With Capability.md|Do Not Confuse Capacity With Capability]] Note to self. <strong><small><i> 23 June 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/When Someone Puts You on the Spot - Ask a Question.md|When Someone Puts You on the Spot - Ask a Question]] Note to self. <strong><small><i> 23 June 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Impact of Immunomodulation during the Luteal Phase.md|The Impact of Immunomodulation during the Luteal Phase]] How the immune system changes during the second half of our menstrual cycle. <strong><small><i> 17 June 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Simplifying the Already Simplified.md|Simplifying the Already Simplified]] How I simplified the menstrual cycle even further. <strong><small><i> 10 June 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Menstrual Cycle Science.md|Understanding the Menstrual Cycle]] The menstrual cycle is a beautiful, complex and multifaceted process. <strong><small><i> 10 June 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Articles/Menstrual Cycle Science Simplified.md|The Menstrual Cycle Basics]] A simplification of the (already) simplified menstrual cycle article. <strong><small><i> 10 June 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/May 2023 Roundup.md|May Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 02 June 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Completing the Cycle.md|Completing the Cycle]] To deal with your stress, you have to complete the cycle. <strong><small><i> 28 May 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/Why Perimenopause Is the Perfect Time to Make Strength Training a Priority.md|Why Perimenopause Is the Perfect Time to Make Strength Training a Priority]] How we can maximise oestrogen for better health & fitness. <strong><small><i> 20 May 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/How Much Discomfort is Ok?.md|How Much Discomfort is Ok?]] Using the traffic light scale can help us to know when we can do more and when to rest a little. <strong><small><i> 19 May 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Nuances and Complexity of Pain.md|The Nuances and Complexity of Pain]] An overview of the updated definition of pain. <strong><small><i> 14 May 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/How Our Reproductive Potential is Determined Before Birth.md|How Our Reproductive Potential is Determined Before Birth]] The incredible possibility for life that exists within each of us, before we even take our first breath. <strong><small><i> 11 May 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Limitations of MRI and Ultrasound in Diagnosing Pain.md|The Limitations of MRI and Ultrasound in Diagnosing Pain]] Can a scan explain pain? <strong><small><i> 05 May 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Toilet Queues.md|Toilet Queues]] Why do women always have to wait in line? <strong><small><i> 04 May 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/April 2023 Roundup.md|April Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 02 May 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Letting Go of the Guilt.md|Letting Go of the Guilt]] Understanding the functional problem of care tasks. <strong><small><i> 22 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Very Ordinariness of My Remains Will Make Me an Excellent Silent Teacher.md|The Very Ordinariness of My Remains Will Make Me an Excellent Silent Teacher]] Sue Black wants to be an articulated skeleton when she grows up. <strong><small><i> 13 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/The Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things.md|The Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things]] Everything is connected. Everything! <strong><small><i> 12 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/No, I Am NOT a Physio!.md|No, I am NOT a Physio!]] Please do not disregard experience or qualifications that have been gained outside of university. <strong><small><i> 11 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Looking for the Positives in a Perimenopausal Storm.md|Looking for the Positives in a Perimenopausal Storm]] Surely, there are some positives to perimenopause, right? <strong><small><i> 11 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Tennis Ball Self Massage.md|Tennis Ball Self-Massage]] A cheap and effective way to release tension in your body <strong><small><i> 11 April 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/All the Things That Can Go Right During and After Menopause.md|All the Things That Can Go Right During and After Menopause]] There are positive changes that can occur during and after menopause. <strong><small><i> 08 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/A Caffeine Copycat.md|A Caffeine Copycat]] How oestrogen has caffeine-like qualities. <strong><small><i> 07 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Perimenopause Is Like Climate Change.md|Perimenopause Is Like Climate Change]] Experiencing all the inner seasons in one day. <strong><small><i> 06 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/March 2023 Roundup.md|March Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 04 April 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Note-Taking vs Note-Making.md|Note-Taking vs Note-Making]] From passive collecting to active thinking. <strong><small><i> 29 March 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Breaking the Kiss of Death.md|Breaking the Kiss of Death]] Women should not have to choose between parenting and pursuing their careers. <strong><small><i> 27 March 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Owning the Busy.md|Owning The Busy]] How to manage stress like an ER Doctor. <strong><small><i> 24 March 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Are Female-Based 'Facts' Flawed?.md|Are Female-Based 'Facts' Flawed?]] I did not intend to write an article on the flaws in female-based research, it just happened. <strong><small><i> 16 March 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Menstrual Cycle Tracking Is Not Just for the Pros.md|Menstrual Cycle Tracking Is Not Just for the Pros]] How tracking our menstrual cycles should be included alongside nutrition, training, and recovery. <strong><small><i> 10 March 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Gender Data Gap.md|The Gender Data Gap]] How inaccurate representations of women in exercise and fitness research is impacting our health. <strong><small><i> 08 March 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Articles/The Inner Seasons.md|The Inner Seasons]] How to live in Alignment with our body. <strong><small><i> 04 March 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/February 2023 Roundup.md|February Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 02 March 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Publication Bias.md|Exposing Publication Bias]] The unflattering data that gets lost in action. <strong><small><i> 01 March 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/From Psoriasis to Alcohol Use Disorder.md|From Psoriasis to Alcohol Use Disorder]] How drug side effects lead to unexpected uses. <strong><small><i> 22 February 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Building a Nonhuman Human.md|Building a Nonhuman Human – What gerbil ears, goat lungs, and a pig's heart all have in common]] How different animal parts could be combined to create a nonhuman human. <strong><small><i> 22 February 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Seasonal Sleep Patterns.md|Seasonal Sleep Patterns]] Exploring the need for more sleep during the 'colder' seasons. <strong><small><i> 21 February 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Showing Up.md|Showing Up]] Staying consistent during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. <strong><small><i> 18 February 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Arousal Nonconcordance.md|Understanding Arousal Nonconcordance]] Exploring the relationship between genital response, desire and pleasure. <strong><small><i> 12 February 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Articles/Cervix.md|Monitoring Your Cervix]] Understanding the anatomy and functions of the cervix and its role throughout the menstrual cycle. <strong><small><i> 10 February 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/January 2023 Roundup.md|January Roundup]] In case you missed something this month. <strong><small><i> 02 February 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Cervical Mucus.md|Cervical Mucus]] Understanding CM & its role in ovulation. <strong><small><i> 01 February 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/Nothing Left in the Tank.md|Nothing Left in the Tank]] Awareness of both paid and unpaid work is necessary in order to combat burnout. <strong><small><i> 27 January 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Basal Body Temperature.md|Basal Body Temperature]] Unlocking the mystery of BBT, ovulation and advanced menstrual cycle tracking. <strong><small><i> 25 January 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/Breaking The Taboo.md|Breaking The Taboo]] The embarrassment, shame, and lack of knowledge around women's bodies can be deadly. <strong><small><i> 20 January 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Hysteria.md|Hysteria]] The history of anxiety, hysterical paroxysm & the vibrator. <strong><small><i> 18 January 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/More Than Just Hot Sweats.md|More Than Just Hot Sweats]] Perimenopause can impact on our work, relationships, and even finances. <strong><small><i> 11 January 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/Menstrual Cycle Tracking Templates.md|Free Menstrual Cycle Tracking Templates & Guide]] Templates & guides to get you started when tracking your menstrual cycle. <strong><small><i> 09 January 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Articles/Ovulation.md|Why Ovulation Is The Key To Optimal Health]] Our period is not the main event within our menstrual cycle, Ovulation is. <strong><small><i> 06 January 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Articles/Menstrual Cycle Tracking.md|The Beginners Guide to Menstrual Cycle Tracking]] Understand your 4 bodies. Activate your strengths. Track dangers & vulnerabilities. <strong><small><i> 03 January 2023</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/Podcast Interview.md|Podcast Interview]] My interview with Sarah Merrett on how our menstrual cycle affects our mental health. <strong><small><i> 01 January 2023</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Embracing Consistency.md|Embracing Consistency]] My 2023 word of the year. <strong><small><i> 30 December 2022</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/My Wish for You.md|My Wish For You]] This year has been one of mistakes for me and it couldn't have been more perfect. <strong><small><i> 23 December 2022</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Articles/The Sunk Cost Fallacy.md|The Sunk Cost Fallacy]] Learning how to let go. <strong><small><i> 16 December 2022</i></small></strong> [article]<br> - [[Blog/Naked.md|Naked]] Removing the suits I have worn for the last 20 years. <strong><small><i> 08 December 2022</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/I Made the Best Mistake.md|I Made The Best Mistake]] Turning 40 and deleting my social media account. <strong><small><i> 08 November 2022</i></small></strong> [blog]<br> - [[Blog/Remembering to Pause.md|Remembering to Pause - A Summer Reminder]] Remember when we said we were going to do things differently after lockdown? <strong><small><i> 18 July 2022</i></small></strong> [blog]<br>