# Welcome On this site, you will find posts about women's health, pain, exercise and fitness. Articles and blogs on the menstrual cycle, perimenopause, therapy, wellness and sex. Basically, anything to do with the female body, mind, mood and hormones that I have found interesting or has been relevant to myself, my work or my clients.  But unlike traditional blogs, this site does not prioritise publication dates. Instead, my aim is to connect posts through related themes, ideas and shared context. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Big hugs [[About|Sarah]] ## Recent Posts >[!example]- [Subscribe](https://buttondown.email/keatesandrews?tag=main) Sept 11 → [[Everyone Gets to Be Young]] → Words of wisdom from Virgin River. Sept 06 → [[Women's Risk-Taking Behaviour During Ovulation]] → Are We More or Less Likely to Take Risks? Sept 05 → [[Embracing Imperfection]] → Sharing my creative process and learning in public - again! July 16 → [[Understanding the Impact of Little t Traumas]] → Recognising and healing everyday stresses. July 04 → [[June Roundup]] → In case you missed something this month. June 23 → [[Notes to Myself - Lessons Learned & Shared Advice|Note to Myself]] → Lessons learned and shared advice. June 17 → [[The Impact of Immunomodulation during the Luteal Phase]] → How the immune system changes during the luteal phase. >[!example] [[The Red Tent Project]] > > I am looking for women to take part in The Red Tent Project. > > A 3-6 month (FREE) initiative where I help you get to know your own menstrual cycle and how it affects: > - your body > - your mental health > - your fitness > - your relationships > - your sex life > - your work & career > > And how each of these areas changes depending on the menstrual cycle phase you are in. > > [[The Red Tent Project|Find out more]] ## Types of posts #articles are the core content of the site. Where I research, wrap my head around the science and create something that makes sense. It's where I join the dots and create something understandable, informative and (hopefully) enjoyable to read. The #blog is my 'behind-the-scenes'. It's a place where I think out loud, share my thoughts and write about what I have discovered down the rabbit holes I so often find myself lost within. The #exercise-database contains reminders of the 'homework' that I gave out over the years as 'The Body Mechanic', exercises which helped so many of my clients and hopefully, they will continue to do so. These are the ones I have added so far (below). For more videos check out my [YouTube channel.](https://www.youtube.com/@sarahkeatesandrews2560/videos) ## An important caveat There are two things I want you to understand about this site: ### 1. my posts are not polished or perfect I am working hard to let go of my inner critic and perfectionism. This is something that can often paralyse the creative process. Instead, I am giving myself permission to share my imperfect work. As a result, you will not always find polished, carefully crafted posts. They will not always be pretty. And I refuse to add images just for the sake of making things look nice. ### 2. posts are always open to revision and expansion Posts on my site are not 100% complete. And nor will they ever be; they are a work in progress. They are living documents designed to evolve alongside my understanding. The more I am open to [[Learning in Public|learning in public]], the more mistakes I will openly make. This means I will need to correct, amend and edit as I continue [[Sharing My Creative Process|sharing my incomplete and imperfect ideas]] with you all. And because I am learning in public, it means that they will need revising. Again. And again. And again. >[!example] [Click here to subscribe](https://buttondown.email/keatesandrews?tag=main) >Everything I learn & continue to learn...I want to share with you!